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COVID-19: AdvaMed member companies are playing a critical role in the pandemic response, and AdvaMed is working around the clock to maximize the medical technology industry's contributions to this fight. We continue to collect information that may be of interest in our weekly Outbreak Breakdown newsletter. We hope you can also benefit from the wider set of resources in AdvaMed's MedTech Responds COVID-19 Resource Center.

About the Center for Digital Health

The AdvaMed Center for Digital Health promotes the critical role of data and digital medical technologies in improving patient care. The Center advocates for public policies that advance digital health and the contributions of the medical technology industry to data-driven health care. As a thought leader and convener, the Center for Digital Health is home to a wide range of medical and digital technology companies that are leveraging health care data and technology innovation to enable new insights, support health and wellness, improve patient interventions and outcomes, and enhance the quality and efficiency of health care delivery.

The Center provides opportunities to:

  • Explore digital health trends, challenges, and opportunities;
  • Network with and learn from peers;
  • Develop public policy positions; and
  • Engage with stakeholders and policymakers in the U.S. and around the world.

This site is designed to provide selected digital health resources for Center for Digital Health members and interested stakeholders and we welcome your outreach and feedback at digitalhealth@advamed.org.


AdvaMed also works extensively on cybersecurity issues and has issued foundational cybersecurity principles. We’ve included these principles and other cybersecurity resources below.

The MedTech Industry

Emerging and converging technologies are enabling collection of novel kinds of data, aggregation of ever-larger data sets, increasingly sophisticated data analysis, and augmented intelligence. Current and emerging elements of health care powered or enhanced by these data capabilities include new insights into individual and population health; real-time, continuous, remote patient monitoring; distributed care outside of traditional settings; advanced diagnoses through wearable, implantable and ingestible technologies; outcomes-based care arrangements; more effective management of population health; autonomous and/or remote interventions; enhanced clinical decision support; product research and development; and more.

Center for Digital Health member companies are driving these transformative advances in digital health and creating tremendous value with respect to improved patient outcomes and the quality and efficiency of health care delivery. 

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